Audu Paden is a Peabody, Gemini and Emmy Award winning director/producer with over twenty-five years of experience managing creative and production challenges for television series and feature length animated projects.

Credits include a wide spectrum of creative genres: zany comedy, fantasy, sci-fi action, superhero... and work developed for all target audiences and ages. 

Raised in West Africa and the United States, Audu encourages the rumor that he was raised by apes. He went on to study theater at Northwestern University and film at UCLA.
Animation development and management. Direction, storyboard, character design, voice direction. Budget and schedule planning for animation. Strategic planning, studio scouting and resource analysis. Coordination with marketing and product planning teams. 

Sony Animation (Columbia Tristar Children’s Television)
Warner Bros Animation
Cartoon Network
Klasky Csupo
Universal Studios

Mattel  2007—2017
Mattel Senior Director.  
Roles included:  Development, Writer, Director, Supervising Producer, Executive Producer

Hot Wheels Live Action Short Series, 2016—2017
Over 260 comic and educational live action shorts.
Ever After High A Netflix Original Series, 2012—2016
Three season series and over 70 shorts.
Monster High 170 shorts and 12 long form movies/DVD features, 2009—2016
WW #2 Children’s DVD franchise.
Hot Wheels Battle Force Five Cartoon Network 2007—2009
Series. Two seasons- 52 half hours plus shorts
Polly Pocket CG shorts 2007—2012 
Over 100 comic shorts.  
Max Steel 2007—2012
DVD Movies 5-9, also TV Series 2013-2014

Nickelodeon  2005—2007
Role:Supervising Director                                                                                         

Tak and the Power of Juju, Series. 2006—2007
Catscratch, Series 2005—2006

Sony (Columbia Tristar Children's Television) 1996—2005
Roles included: Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Director 
Stuart Little 3 DVD Feature, 2003-2005
Spider-Man (MTV) Series, 2002—2004
Heavy Gear 40 episode series, 2001-2003
Starship Troopers 40 episode series, 1999—2001 
Godzilla 40 episode series, 1998-1999
Extreme Ghostbusters 40 episode series, 1997-1998
Projet GeEker 13 episode series 1996-1997

Warner Bros Animation  1991—1996
Roles included: Director, Storyboards, Writer

Animaniacs Series, 1992—1996
Pinky and the Brain Series, 1992—1996
Tiny Toons Adventures

Klasky Csupo  1990—1991
Role: Storyboards
Rugrats Storyboard season 1
The Simpsons Storyboard season 2
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